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Hey peeps! Jellysh speaking! (I need points to change my dA name, but I wanna tell you I've stopped using the provisional artist name "J-chan", and now you can refer to me as Jellysh)
I've been reading my previous journal entries, and it's been a looong time since I last posted anything in the journal. While reading them I felt kinda a cringe, 'cause sometimes it's a bit embarrassing to read what you wrote years ago xD

Anyway, I feel like there's so little activity here, in my dA page, and I don't know if it's general in the community or not. Whatever, I'm gonna keep posting here my artwork, because I really appreciate what the dA has brought to me: happiness, illusion to create and practice, learn, discovering of awesome artists...really inspiring.
I've already organized my art here in different folders, separating the pieces for years, so nobody has to see my awful and wrong-proportioned drawing from when I was younger xD I don't wanna delete them, because In fact I think it's a good way to check improvement and cheer up to keep working hard to create better illustrations and stuff!

:bulletorange: After this back-looking, I wanna focus on the present now. I'm starting a new phase in my life, I'll start finally studying animation, what has always been a dream to me, and I will give my best to learn a lot and practice and improve. I'm so excited!! And also, in this time of the year (my favorite, not gonna lie), I will be joining AGAIN... #inktober2017 !!! :heart: I've been doing it since 2014 so this will be my fourth year joining the challenge! Actually I think I only posted the ink drawing of that first time, and I didn't share here the next two editions. Whatever, would you like to see this year's inktober's drawings here? I'll probably share it here with you too! :bulletorange:

:heart: Finally: thanks so much for everybody who has supported me, in this platform or others (you can find me on Tumblr, IG and FB too). I'm really looking forward to keep drawing and enjoying it, learning new things each day and find out new  inspiring artists and artwork! Lots of love to everybody :dalove:

#inktober #inktoberchallenge #update #news #autumn #comeback #thankyou
Wow it's been a long time since I joined this page and now im going to answer these few questions of the DeviantArtist Questionnaire! Okay let's start :D
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 2 years!

  2. What does your username mean? Hmmm i've been using it as my artist name for a long time.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Inquiet, creative and ... jellyfish!

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right handed.

  5. What was your first deviation? :0 A child with her teddy bear !

    Noia amb osset inventada by J-chan33

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? I love to draw and paint! I also like sculping things but I'm so bad at it :'D

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Mmm i can't choose! Traditional art, I think. Sometimes when I paint a thing in traditional way I feel like I'm going to mess it up xD

  8. What was your first favourite? A cute drawing of a creature with a hat >v<

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Anything! Anything I like. Probably I usually fav illustrations and drawings, more than photos.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? I have a lot of favourite artists here...I can't choose one! sandara , yy6242 , ...and a lot of more artists that I admire!

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? I don't know! I think that will be interesting to conversate with anybody from here.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Shinigami--Apples and RAMWOC87 , for example, have been always here following me and giving me their support. They are very nice and good dA friends! 

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? pencils, watercolors, markers or the computer...and imagination!

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? I don't know! You never know the moments, the comes and then you create art!

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? The two years that I find out the holiday project and I made the cards! I was so happy to participate and I loved to put hard work on this!

Soo....that's all with the #deviantartistquestionnaire ! Hope I can submit soon more new drawing I'm working on! Good afternoon guys!~

Hi guys! I decided to open commishes again! Here you will find all the info.
You can buy from me any type of illustration and reference sheets, I can work in different styles and you may specificate which you prefer. (Cartoon-ish , Anime/manga, Semi-realistic) You can choose the media too ( digital/traditional )

Note: I don't draw hard and furry. I can draw yaoi and yuri, no hard. I can draw gore. I can draw animals or similar too.

  • Sketches: 3$, next character 2$ /300 :points:
  • Lineart:5$, next character 4$ /500 :points:
  • Full colored Illustration:

-Chibi: 3$ 300 :points:
-Portrait/headshot: 6$ /character /600 :points:
-Half-body: 8$ /character /800 :points:
-Fullbody: 10$ /character / 1000 :points:

(A simple background is free, but if you want a detailed one, it's 2-5$)

  • Reference sheet (face, back and profile): 20$ /2000 :points:
  • Character design: 12$ / 1200 :points:

Payment info

-You can pay via paypal or with dA points. To see the price in points, think that 1$=100 :points:
-I can show you the progress and you can pay in parts. But you must have paid the entire price before i submit the full and finished piece.

I think this is all! Contact me with a note or comment to ask for something^v^ Hope you consider it!~
You can check my gallery fore examples, but i will leave here a list of some varied pieces.

Never surrender by J-chan33 Ingus. by J-chan33 (Samples of two headshots)

Yoda by J-chan33  Kiss! (gift) by J-chan33 (A watercolor and a digital fanart with two charas)

In other words (portrait) by J-chan33 Arrested! by J-chan33 (A digital fanart and a traditional headshot)

Wuhuuuu! I know nobody is going to read this but I will submit the new drawings of the inktober challenge soon, like in my facebook page.
I've been doing practices on Photoshop ans drawing a lot in traditional <3 <3 <3
I hope you all are okay and you like my new works!!!

PD: This week will be an horror with all those exams. But soon i will be able to keep drawing more and more. Have a nice day !!
  • Listening to: FFXIII ost, like always.
  • Reading: Biology book :(
  • Watching: Nothing.
  • Playing: I finished FFXIII :DD so happy.
  • Eating: Cereaaaals
  • Drinking: Nothing :0
Huhu...maybe It's the first tag I do here, yep :0 [EXO] Xiumin Emoticon 
Tagged by :iconbananabunchxd: your favorite candy? Mmm Mint : DD

-What do you watch on Saturdays? My TV since I play games 8D (?) Or kpop videos.

-Favorite person in the whole world? -v- My parents! But like a person I love...humm Lee Hyeri? Dah- don't know.

-Do you like Dark chocolate? Yep, not bad.

-if you where and animal what animal would you turn to and why? A Cat. I love them. *o* And it's a paceful life for sure C:

-If you could go ANYWHERE (anime,manga,book,ect.)
Where would you go?  St. Miator girl's school, in Astraea Hill. (With Shizuma :V ) Strawberry Panic.

My questions are for :iconshinigami--apples: , :iconcamiko-tan: and :iconxerican: . you are tagged by a jellyfish! (???) Really, I love you guys<3  :'3

1.What do you do in Art Block?
2.What kind of music do you like?
3.Favourite meal?
4.Do you have a imposible love? º v º (?)
5.Do you like to be tagged? :'D

Here I leave it! <3 Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
  • Listening to: Girl's day
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  • Watching: TV on, not watchin' it.
  • Playing: FFXIII
  • Eating: Nothin unu''
  • Drinking: Nothing :0
Ow, It's been a long time since I submited my last journal entry. ~ :bademoticon:

I missed you a lot, guys. But really I want to thank you for all the support you bring me.
I want to improve, and the only thing of do this is practise, practise, and draw more, more, and do mistakes, and repeat the drawing, practise, and more practise. :'3

So I will keep up the good work, and I'll be there doing more pieces and working in more projects! >v</
I must say that a lot of friends help me, and here in dA I found a lot of support and friendship. GD (BigBang) Be my valentine? This made me happy at first moment.

I don't care if a lot of people see or not my drawing, I mean, I'ts not the most important part because I want you to enjoy them, and It makes me so happy only to think that the world  can enjoy them. *^*
And really, here I can practise my English!! Because I'm not English and It's probably that when I write I make a looot of mistakes and nghhh----// º ^ º sorry :'D I'll study hard this year too C:

Yes, I just wanted to say those things...because I don't want to lose connection with you guys and this is the first journal of september!!!~~~~~~~~ Fighting!! Dara

Fighting!! :>
  • Listening to: Girl's day
  • Reading: This.
  • Watching: TV on, not watchin' it.
  • Playing: FFXIII
  • Eating: Nothin unu''
  • Drinking: Nothing :0
This summer I opened commishes, and I decided to get the prices more cheap, so more people can commission me , maybe!^^
I leave here the prices and the link to the full description and info!!

*Full body: 10$ - 1000 Points
*Half body: 8$ - 800 Points
*Headshot: 5$ - 500 Points
*Chibi: 3$ - 300 Points

More news, i'm working in more fanarts and colored work!!!
And i'm doing postcards with watercolours, i will sell them and i hope i can get some money ;3
Anyway, i will submit all this in a short time!

Thankies for all the support you bring to me, guys! <3
Paypal - points commissions info

:bulletpink: Full colored and shaded. ( $/character)

*Full body: 10$ - 1000 :points:
*Half body: 8$ - 800 :points:
*Headshot: 5$ - 500 :points:
*Chibi: 3$ - 300 :points:

- Simple BG is free.
- Detailed BG goes from 5$ to 10$, it depends.
- If you want a mascot or animal, is 5$.

:bulletpink:Ask for:

Custome Adopts
Pixel art
Watercolours & traditional art

Send a note or comment. Detail all the things you want, if you explain more your idea it's better.
-I don't draw hentai. I will love to draw yaoi and yuri, but not hard.

/If you want me to do it in an specific style, take a look in my gallery and tell me about the drawing that matches with what you will want./

-With note i'll send you the preview sketch and the paypal adress. Then if you want to keep going on, i do the clean lines, and i colour and finish the piece.


Have a nice day! Hope you consider commissioning me!<3
Onigiri by J-chan33

How are you?? I'm not in the best day ever....but i'm here^^ ''

I'm working in some random drawings and in presents for my friends' birthdays x'3
And i want to thank you for all the support. My facebook page just passed the 200 likes. I'm so happy.

You are the best fans i have ever :33 <3

And now back to work!
Have a nice day. <3
Open commissions!

*Look at the update journal here:

Thankies for the support <3
  • Listening to: Lonely
  • Reading: My english book ; - ;
  • Watching: 2ne1 lives
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Cereals *^*
  • Drinking: Milk~
Hello there, people!^^

:bulletblue: I want to thank you for all the support, because i have a lot of exams but you always watch me and comment my drawings....thank you very much, only for this i will have to improve more!! :33 :iconmoesnuggleplz:

:bulletblue: Soo this Thursday i will go to France!! *^* Aww study French is good!! (?) x3
I need it~ With my friend will be fun for sure!!^^
And i will talk with you ald tell you what we did!! *-* I'm so excited for this xD

:bulletblue: Next new, those weeks i will have a lot of exams ; ^ ; so sorry if i can't submit a lot. I always draw in free time but it's difficult to do it when you have a lot of homework and tests... :'c
I hate it<3 But if I want to have a great holidays with no-study i will have to study now!! :' D

:bulletblue: I will draw some things that i have in mind!!! *-*

Thankies for all the support!!!!<3 I love you guys!!:3
You can see my last drawings here:

Art trade by J-chan33 Y u k i by J-chan33 Don't cry by J-chan33 M i n z y by J-chan33
I'm back guys ^^

I have a looot of exams but i'm alive!!!!
I drew a lot of things so prepare your eyes to see my drawings!! (?) x33

Some of the things you will see:

-A cute adoptable (a mermaid) so special.
-Some fanart from Strawberry panic! and Sakura-trick.
-Random drawings from series or random OC's.
-Another fanart of Bakuman... : D
-More things!!!

People maybe don't comment a lot, but for you, my dear watchers, i will work hard because i want to give to you a lot of new things!!! ^v^/
:iconyuihugplz: Thank you for the support!!!! :3
Im doing the 5 last exams :c
Are the most difficult and im so tired for study ;w;
This wednesday i must dance for students that will visit our high school. And im im so so nervious nervious  Q v Q
But i will do all i can! *v* :iconsokyutplz:

Im with a beautiful work, an special one for Christmas. And then maybe i will open some slots for paypal drawings or sketches.
Im studying -> drawing; studying -> drawing....
And im so tired but happy with the result!!!! >< c:

Oh oh i want this beautiful christmas holidays because im so tired and i need relaxing time in dA drawing and talking with my favourite guys~ huhu:3
Have you got exams?? Are you making christmas draws or projects?? *v* Tell me tell me!
And if you are interested with my commissions send me a note:3

And....maybe i do some speedpaint. But this will be after some pendent draws that i must do :'D
Awww i miss u guys!! I neeed to eb here more time! But spanish reading book is shouting me .v.''
Help~ hehe:3 :iconhmmmmplz: I need to talk too with :iconhyniari: :if you know what i mean: (??) x33
Love youuu~
Now im going to study!! ;c

Wait for this christmas draw, im working in a decent background 8'DD
3 slots for chibi commissions.
Each one is 1$ with paypal. ^v^
The first chibi is on sale!

:bulletpink: -SLOT 1: CLOSED (the first is 0.80$)!! (3 commissions of chibis for :iconxxcuteemmyxx: )
:bulletpink: -SLOT 2: CLOSD (1 chibi - 1$ commission) :iconelskerr:
:bulletpink: -SLOT 3: CLOSED (2 chibis, couple): :iconshadowkittyzerolilly:
Just say the chibi that you want! OC's, a concret character, anime or manga girls and boys,...
You can see examples of my chibis (some of them are adoptables, but are chibis x3) here:

 Ymir~ by J-chan33     Autumn adoptable (20p., CLOSED) by J-chan33   Little bunny (adoptable, 20 p.) :CLOSED: by J-chan33   Sleep Time~ by J-chan33

:bulletpink: Just comment here or in my forum thread and get your chibi!!:3 ~

CLOSED all:33
Thankies people!:3
Hey hey hey guuuys~
Here i'm again ><

Well one of my friends -in the real life- it's heree in dA!! ^^ He loves anime and he doesn't like yaoi or yuri ;-;
But hes  a really good person and he loves to read manga too! Yesterday i went to some anime-manga shops and we saw a loot of beautiful figures, clothes, comics and kawaii things C:

:iconjordicaco304: He's new, so dont make bullying to him ¬w¬ (?) okno.
And here the presentation finishes~ :3

And talking about my works im thinking about:

-One draw for my friend. (on work)
-Some chibi -maybe.
-Fanart of Kannazuki no Miko/ Citrus/ Strawberry panic (again >:3) /other yuri mangas and animes CC:

Im workin too in a project that you dont know but if i can explain you later i will do it x33
See youu - love you dA :33 :iconsomoeplz:
Wiiiiiiii i'm doing an special draw for halloween because :iconkeitenstudio: has got open a project where people who like to draw can send a halloween draw (with oc's or other characters, like a fanart) to participate!
It's an special ocasion for draw together and know another artists!! C:

I decided to participate with one random OC, and im doing it now X3
Im drawing more detailed background 83
I think that it will be a good halloween 2013 draw ^v^
I will keep up the good work friends!! x3

Well now im going to do some fanarts too, and i will submit more adoptables!!
Because im going to use paypal and im thinking about the $ for adoptable...i think that they will be 1$ ^w^
I think im going to open 3 slots of cheap paypal commissions too, so im so productive these days C:

I love you guys!!~ :iconsomoeplz:
Wiiiiiiiiiii ohay˘ DA!! ║v║/

Yes, i was so busy and i didn't submit a lot of art this summer, because im working in a manga for one fanzine.
Its my first experience in one of them! Im so happy to can publish some chapters od my manga...>w<
Its a fantastic and misterious comic, and im still writing the history and doing some storyboards.

Summer ends...TTvTT -die- :iconnocatplz: im sad because im going to return in the high school and more exams more homework more teachers talking a lot :cc

But im watching so funny and interesting animes and this makes me happy.
Im also watching again (for second time) my favorite anime. No it isn't Black Rock Shooter, im watching Strawberry panic!!
(yes they are my 2 fav. animes). I love this yuri so much *-------* And i decided to watch it again!!
I cried a lot the first time, and i looove Shizuma-sama. So probably i do more draws of SP.
If you know some yuris that they are good tell me please!! -no hard please .__. -

mmmm so thats all!
Eh, no. Commishes are closed.
I want to say something: thanks for all, i enjoy a looooot my first commishes!! ^^
I thought that nobody wants anything for me, but i was so cool!! *-*
Probably the next summer i open commishes and with luck i will do it on paypal. (yes i need so money because i spent all on my Animal Crossing NL. But its so cool ;w; )
So this is all. THANK YOU FOR BE IN MY SIDE PEOPLE!! (~║v║)~

~~Rules and general info~~

-All this commissions can be in a traditional or digital mode: only chose your one!
-I don't draw hentai, only soft yaoi and yuri or ecchi.
-Mmm...i can draw gore, yes.
-If you make 2 commissions, i can get down the prize a little bit.
-I can draw OC's, in fanart mode, pixel avatars, all ^^
-First pay, then get it.
-Those are my first commissions, so enjoy it, they aren't so expensive :3
-Ah, i don't have slots, but if lot of people asks me for anything (i hope so xD) i will do commissions 5 to 5, 5 slots to 5 slots, in a order of
who asks me first.
-Next every prize its an example!
-Now Commissions are open!! Ask now!!

*Paper size: 90 :points:…
*Full body: 100 :points:…
*Chibi: 60 :points:…

2 are in sale!! The prize reduces a little!

- Fanart
*Portrait: 250 :points:…

*Full body: 350 :points:…

*Couple: 450 :points:…

*Chibis (can be animated): 100 :points:…

- Pixel commissions
*Normal icon: 5 :points:…

*Human (avatar) icon: 10-15 :points:… or like my avatar: :iconj-chan33:

( It changes if this is animated: then, its 15 :points: )

*group icons: 20-25 :points: (it depends that if its animated or simple, with a complicated image or not..we can talk about it)

*divider: 10 :points:

*Dolls: 150 :points:…

(all can incloude text, outlines..the prize don't changes.)


1.Just send a  note telling:
-What do you want?
-in wich mode: traditional or digital?
-Other things.

Be the most specific please >w<

Let's get started, if you wanna something only ask!! And watch my gallery for more examples, tehre isn't so much here!~
HELLOOOOOOW!!!! oh mai oh mai!! my exams will finish this week!!!!!!!!! :squee: ~

:iconiluplz: :iconiluplz: :iconiluplz: :iconiluplz: :iconiluplz: :iconiluplz: :iconiluplz: :iconiluplz:

Awww yes yes! Only 4 more exams and i will finish them! I will study more e_e
My last submitions were pixel icons, so in studying time i cant do complicated things. And i post a Ciel P. fanart too :3
But summer is here.
Only 2 weeks.
Im happy.
And you will look happy.
Because will happen one thing.
What thing?


Its alright, ah? xDD This is the best thing in dA. I can work doing my favourite things: draw, so pixel icons, do fanart, do adoptables, draw persons, draw random OC's, draw animals, enter in contests...draw more. Draw popcorn, donuts, steaks, more fanart, more pixel art. Draw.
And play. Play Elsword, reach the lvl 60, play Little big planet2, finish the game. Finish New super mario bros for 3th TIME! Play Slenderman and die!! *^*
And watch anime. Kannazuki no miko, Date a Live, watch BRS for adsfsgshhddj-TIME!!! Wait for yes or no 3 film.

But the most important thing!! I OPEN COMMISSIONS!!!!!!! YAY :'3
i wanna get some points, so, i participe in some giveaways *-*

this is another of this, check it out!:…

:33 i will do more draws!!:

-im done with a special fanart of Sayaka (Of madoka magica)
-i finished the special fanart DM x BRS!!